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    How Ninjas Travel!

    In June/July, I spent over 46 hours on airplanes traversing around Hong Kong, Beijing and Bali. Many people crumble under stress, and all dietary habits fade away when they travel, but not me. I rise to the occasion, because frankly there isn't another option. I am simply no fun to be around when I am hungry.  When traveling, being prepared is essential. I discovered a long time ago that air… Read More

    How Ninjas Travel!

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    The Power of Human Connection

    I've been thinking about the power of human connection lately. As a 31 year old woman living in NYC, I often feel isolated despite the 8 million people living around me. It could be because I work from home and spend most of my time speaking with clients via phone and sometimes, skype. My work is to provide connection for others, and remind them they aren't alone on their healing… Read More

    The Power of Human Connection

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    Eat More of These Starches

    For a long time, I demonized starches. You know, these kind...  I felt that the idea of needing a starch with every meal was ludicrous and was contributing to rising rates of heart disease, diabetes and obesity in this country. I was partially wrong. Americans eat WAY too many starches throughout the day (see above!), but it's time we address what "good" starches are and how we can enjoy them.  I… Read More

    Eat More of These Starches

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    Tigernuts, um what?

    You think you have heard it all before, huh?  Well, apparently tigernuts are a thing. In fact, they are super healthy for you and can be made into a variety of delicious recipes, who knew? (Keep reading for awesome recipe below!) I came across tigernuts a few months ago in Whole Foods and decided to do some homework. Tigernuts are actually not nuts, so those with nut allergies can dive right… Read More

    Tigernuts, um what?

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    Gut Friendly “Gummies”

      Peach Lemon "Gummies" Ingredients  1 heaping cup of frozen peaches 2-3 tablespoons raw honey 1/4 cup Great Lakes Gelatin 3/4 inch ginger root 3/4 inch turmeric root 1 scoop Vitamin C powder (American Nutraceuticals brand) 2 lemons juiced 3/4 filtered water Dash of salt Procedure 1) Blend all the ingredients together, except the gelatin. 2) Pour ingredients into small pot and turn heat to medium. Whisk in the gelatin… Read More

    Gut Friendly “Gummies”


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